Ray Fisher

Landscape, sunny dawn with road and fisherRay Lyle Fisher (October 4, 1887 – November 3, 1982) was an American professional baseball pitcher and college coach. He pitched all or part of ten seasons in Major League Baseball. His debut game took place on July 2, 1910. His final game took place on October 2, 1920. During his career he played for the New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds. He coached the University of Michigan Wolverines baseball team from 1921 through 1958.

Landscape, sunny dawn with road and fisherLandscape, sunny dawn with road and fisherFisher boatFisherman boat offshore ray of lightChest x-raySun ray at the Grand CanyonDentist looking at an x-rayDentist looking at an x-rayX-ray examingDramatized x ray of a hand thumbs up
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